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Invest in Real Estate

Get a real return on your investment when you invest in real estate

Booming economy or slow, history has proven Real Estate to be a constant amongst change and an excellent source of generating income for those with the foresight to invest in real estate. Seeking the deal in the right place at the right time is your key to success, so every good investor knows their first and most important investment is working with the right Agent.

There are two main ways to invest in real estate and turn your investment into income:

  • Purchase a distressed property, rehab it and resell at a profit
  • Purchase property and rent it to others

The major difference between personal purchase and investment purchasing is the end goal.  As you invest in real estate, your concern may be the financial return the property will afford, and whether you can expect a one-time profit or a continual stream of income


Several key considerations in purchasing a rental property are:

  • Neighborhood statistics- ratio of rentals
  • Rental rates in the area
  • ROI, or Return on Investment

Being a landlord can be a truly enriching experience when you choose to pursue this avenue. With some planning this type of real estate investment can pay big dividends for those seeking long term returns.


A lucrative Real Estate Investment for many who choose this option, purchase of distressed properties can provide a quick and profitable return.  These are Short Sales, foreclosures or even wholesale (link this to wholesale page!) properties that can be bought far below market value, rehabbed and then re-sold at market value for a fast profit.

This investment tends to work best for those who can do most if not all of the necessary repairs themselves in order to control the time and costs involved in the work itself to ensure a fast turnaround. In Fix & Flips, time is of the essence to produce the Return on Investment that will make this option worth your consideration.

Redhead Properties has the knowledge and resources to assist you in making the most of your investment dollars.  For over 8 years, Cindy has represented buyers, sellers and investors nationwide in the purchase and sale of Wholesale, Commercial and Residential property and would be privileged to assist you in your Real Estate ventures.

When you are ready to invest in Real Estate Redhead Properties will be here to guide you along the way.