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5 things realtors do to help you buy or sell a home

Posted on February 2, 2017 by Cindy Marlowe in Blog

suburban homesDedicated agents spend about 9 hours working behind the scenes for every hour they spend with you.

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When you think about buying or selling your Denver-area home, you may be tempted to move forward without the guidance of a professional real estate agent. You might think you’ll save money on real estate commissions. But more than likely, you’ll end up making less on the sale or get less for your money when you buy than when you work with an agent.

Here are 7 things realtors do to help you buy or sell a home:

1. Real estate agents research properties online and in person to find something that most closely matches your dream home wish list—such as location, price point, numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, a media room, energy-efficient options, or a soaker tub.

Your realtor spends on average about 9 hours working behind the scenes to find your dream home for every hour they spend with you. That’s a lot of hours combing the MLS database—hours that you as a buyer probably don’t have. If you do it alone, you may miss out on the perfect home.

And once they find a home for you, a dedicated real estate agent will take time to preview the property and network with other agents to avoid wasting your time with homes that don’t meet your criteria, homes you will have trouble reselling down the line, and homes you have little chance of buying.

2. Real estate agents spend their time and money marketing your property. Remember, agents can spend thousands of dollars marketing a property with no guarantee of a sale. They will help you stage your home for a quick sale before hiring a photographer to take professional photos and video of your property.

Then they take out ads in magazines and newspapers, create glossy sales fliers, and buy prominent placement for your property on listing sites to increase your chances of getting what the price you want from the sale. Can you imagine doing your job without necessarily getting paid for it? That’s what realtors do every time you buy or sell a home with them. No deal means no commission to offset the costs of marketing for the agent.

3. Real estate agents negotiate price and sale conditions on your behalf. And they write up countless offers and counteroffers. Realtors will walk you through a contract to ensure you’re getting the best deal whether you’re buying or selling a home in the Denver area. They’ll help you determine the best price for the property and work on your behalf to negotiate the sale conditions.

That can be time consuming. In fact, every time you make or accept an offer, your realtor must ensure the contract reflects the details of the deal. And any changes to the deal means changes to the contract.

4. Real estate agents can help connect you with the right people to help you buy or sell a home. Think mortgage brokers to ensure you’re buying a home in the correct price range; appraisers to ensure the home is worth what you’re paying for it; and inspectors to validate the health and safety of the home.

Great realtors also have a network of other professionals, including electricians, contractors, plumbers, and other trade people to work on your home before or after the sale.

5. Real estate agents sweat the small stuff. Buying and selling a home doesn’t always go smoothly, which can be very stressful for you. But a good realtor will help insulate you from unexpected bumps in the road by taking care of them. Plus, he or she can help you stay calm and patient throughout the process.

Remember that when you’re working with an agent, they don’t get paid until you buy or sell a home. So be sure to find a realtor that will work on your behalf without focusing on the commission at the end. In other words, select an agent you trust to work on your behalf throughout the process and beyond.

Like the Denver real estate experts at Redhead Properties. Cindy Marlowe and her team will be happy to sit down and speak with you about your housing future. Call 303-912-1478 to schedule an appointment today.

And be sure to download your copy of “9 Reasons You Need An Agent to Help You Buy or Sell a Home” to learn more about how a realtor can help you through the process.


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